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We went to support to find out what was the matter - and after several hours of waiting, we received links to the same pages with algorithms in php and Java that I rewrote (and which, of course, were mentioned in the question). I had to install php and Java in order to understand exactly what the problem is in the key and, in the end, to get its correct version. Another story took almost three months to solve, but it was related to the peculiarity of the project, where there were several merchants, and the customers were the same and, accordingly, they wanted to link one card to pay for all services.

In this case, a bug was discovered Australia Phone Number List on the side of the gateway, we had to communicate a lot, including with project leads from Sberbank, and close the problem with our own crutches. In the end, the gateway bug was fixed, but our solution was already working by then. Nevertheless, it is worth recognizing that Sberbank support works - you just don’t need to expect miracles and an instant solution to all problems. Certificates As you know, Sberbank is under sanctions, and its international security certificates have recently become rotten.
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This means that you will have to install certificates from the NCA of the Ministry of Digital Development (note that it is better to install certificates for the backend using the link, and not client certificates from the State Services and other places - although in our case they were enough). They will be required by the service that directly accesses the gateway - if it works in a docker container, then we pass them there. For buyers, Sber, fortunately, has prepared a loophole in the form of "alternative payment page domains" certified in Let's Encrypt.


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